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Here are a few services I provide. Contact me for a free consultation, information about the services I provide and customized programs, and other needs that your organization may require. 

Workshops / Seminars

If you are looking for a short presentation or a topic-specific seminar, let me be of service. My specific trainings center around basic diversity and inclusion, intercultural sensitivity, racial minority success, LGBT awareness, intergroup relations, and intercultural communication. I make use of a variety of methods, including interactive exercises, time for self-reflection, and small group discussions, to engage participation in all individuals. My workshops always start with a theoretical framework to begin the discussion, and move on to practical applications.

Large Group Training / Retreat Facilitation

Are you searching for an all-day or multi-day training for your large group or organization (50+)? If you are seeking something more in-depth for a larger audience, I can create a detailed curriculum to use to enhance conversations beyond just a regular workshop. My mix of theory, humor, personal reflection, and small and large group discussion promises to engage each one of your members in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Also, with the ability to engage larger groups in a longer format, pertinent issues to your organization can be addressed, discussed, and possible solutions found

Speeches / Keynote Addresses

Are you looking for someone to come in and set the right tone for your upcoming meeting or conference? My combination of workshop facilitation, dynamic presentation style and sense of humor will engage your audience and prepare them to have a worthwhile discussion and training. I have done formal 'at-the-podium' style speeches for large conferences, smaller intimate talks, and everything in between. Contact me to see how I can help get your meeting off to the right start.

Group / Team Development

Do you work in a team environment, and would like to get the most out of them? Let me work with you and your group in creating space where each member can feel like an equal contributor to the team. Whether there are group challenges already present, or if you simply would like to build a stronger, higher-performing team, the exercises and discussions I lead all center around creating a space where challenges can be addressed in a safe way, and possibilities are discussed about how to get better.

Professional Mediation

Conflict happens in all areas of life, including in professional relationships. Without a resolution, relationships may dissolve, profitability can diminish, and overall morale can be negatively impacted. As a certified mediator, I offer a confidential approach for colleagues to work through their differences in a productive manner. My services are not tied to arbitration, and are not legally binding, but more of a way for an impartial party to open lines of communication, assist in perspective shifting, and help participants move toward improved relationships.

Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator Training

Many organizations have people in charge of trainings, and conversations around diversity, but how do those people get trained? If you would like to offer further development to the team that leads these discussions, or would like to build a group that is trained in how to approach these situations, I can help you. I have worked with student peer educators, HR managers, and community activists in teaching them how to best approach and work within the boundaries of organizational cultures, and still have productive dialogues about diversity and multiculturalism.

Organizational Consultation / Policy Analysis

Does your organization reflect an environment where all people feel welcome and included? Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see how policies, physical spaces, and organizational culture impact how organizations work with different constituents and customers. Having worked in a variety of fields including nonprofits, education, and the private sector, I can work with leadership to make sure your organization reflects the inclusive culture you already promote.

Curriculum Development

Would you like to have a diversity training, specific to your organization? One that you can use again and again without having to bring in speakers every time? Nobody knows the people in your organization the way you do; let me work with you and your team to create something catered specifically to your group's needs.  I can help create specific trainings that will be impactful for your organization, and then train team leaders on how to implement the created curriculum in a way that is easily accessible to newly trained facilitators, and the groups they will work with in the future.

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